How to get to Amphawa Floating Market

December 15, 2016

A woman selling fruits at Bangkok floating market

How to get to Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market is one of the most popular yet authentic floating markets near Bangkok. Just about 50km away from Bangkok, you can easily manage to get there by bus, on a tour or private transfers. Please note that Amphawa Floating Market ONLY opens in the weekend – Friday to Sunday. The market opens at 8:00 to 21:00 but it is the most alive in the late afternoon, around 15:00.

A woman selling fruits at Bangkok floating market

By bus

It might be the cheapest way to go to Amphawa Floating Market which is by bus. Bus come as a minivan which you can get from the minibus station near Victory Monument just north of the Century Mall. Buses run frequently from early morning but it is recommended that you can go start the trip in the afternoon since the market is more alive. The journey takes you 1 hour and 15 minutes if there is no traffic. It is more likely to have traffic jams in the afternoon so that buses might be delayed to arrive at the bus station.

Another alternative station you can get the minivan from is the Southern Bus Terminal. However, you have to take the bus firstly to Samut Songkhram and continue the trip by taking a local Songthaew or bus heading to Amphawa. It might be difficult to spot Songthaew and buses since they only have signs in Thai. Just ask local people and they will help you find the right one. Some Songthaew does have an English sign for Amphawa.

You should buy your return ticket right away when you are in Amphawa to secure your ride back to Bangkok.

By tour

There are many tours organizing trips to Amphawa. You can simply ask your accommodation staff to arrange one for you. Also, in the area of Khao San road, there are several travel agencies that you can walk up and ask for a tour. Tour includes transportations and boat tour in Amphawa.

By private transfers

Private transfers from Bangkok to Amphawa Floating Market are available to give you all the comfortability and flexibility. Private transfers provide you the door-to-door service.

Amphawa Floating Market

*Note: When you arrive at Amphawa Floating Market, you can experience the floating market by boat which costs 500 Baht for a private boat. It is better if you gather a group to split the cost. At Amphawa, there are many counters around the bridge that you can ask for a tour. 50 Baht for a joined tour but you have to wait until they fill the boat. 

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