How to get to Khao Yai

December 14, 2016

Amazing beautiful waterfalls in deep forest at Haew Suwat Waterfall in Khao Yai National Park Thailand

How to get to Khao Yai

You can get easily to Khao Yai from either Bangkok or Ayuthaya. However, public transports are not the most practical vehicles since there is no direct public transportation to Khao Yai. The most common way to get to Khao Yai is either by private transfers or via tour operators.

Bangkok to Khao Yai

Haew Suwat Waterfall in Khao-Yai National Park

Almost 200km away from Bangkok, Khao Yai is one of the most popular short trips people take. Even though there is no direct public transportation, you can still manage to get buses. Many people prefer taking private transfers or a tour to avoid all the hassle.

By bus

Minibusses are offered at the Mochit station, which is the same as at the Mochit BTS. You take the minibus from Mochit to Pak Chong, which is the stop to go further to Khao Yai. Buses run once every hour and start from early morning to 20:00. From Pak Chong, you can either take a Songtaew (the local public transportation like a bus) which operates frequently from 8:00 to 16:40 or get private transfers to bring you from Pak Chong to Khao Yai. It takes 14km from Pak Chong to Khao Yai.

*Notice: buses used to be offered also at Victory Monument but currently has stopped running since October 2016

By private transfers

Besides assigning yourself to a tour operator, the trip from Bangkok to Khao could be easily managed by getting private transfers. You will more flexibility and arrange your own schedule.

Ayuthaya to Khao Yai

Bridge to the jungle Khao Yai Thailand

The only public transportation available to go from Ayuthaya to Khao Yai is by train. Buses are also possible but not recommended because you would have to make a transit in Bangkok which is not practical. The alternative option is using private transfers or going on a tour.

By train

There are 10 trains (ordinary, rapid express and special express) running from Ayuthaya to Khao Yai. The earliest train you can get is at 6:59 and the last train is at 00:17. The trip takes about two to three hours. To get more information on the schedule and book tickets in advance, check the details on State Railway of Thailand.

By private transfers

The journey takes two and a half hours by car. With private transfers, you get door-to-door service as well as the flexibility in time

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